I was late! Last Wednesday, on September 17, 2015, I mean really late to a lunch date last week. It's true: ADD/ADHD can make you procrastinate, think there is more time than there actually is, and frustrate those around you.

I could have blamed it on Dreamforce, the Giants vs. the Diamondbacks... but it was me.

This is the inspiration for my app. I want to build an app that would tell me when I have to leave, both as a soft reminder and a hard reminder, and then tell me to get the hell up and GO!

What it does

It is an IoT app that gets you to where you need to be on time by synching your email, calendar, mobile, wearable, and car/rideshare together.

How I built it

I first explored the user experience from last week (e.g. being late). I mapped out a journey map to identify my pain points and opportunity for improvement. I graphed all actions necessary for an appointment on a timeline beginning before leaving for my destination. I further identified weather my thoughts, actions, feelings were positive or negative. Marking the downward sloping trends in the graph, the opportunities for improvement were clear: knowing when I needed to stop what I was doing, clearly defined when I wanted to arrive comfortably, allowing enough time to get to my destination, and adjusting for variables (e.g. weather, conferences, need for parking, etc.).

I am a native San Franciscan. So, I know the streets of San Francisco like the back of my hand. What I do not know, however, are the variables that arise from construction, street closures, etc. Moreover, my lack of knowledge completely prevents me from adjusting my travel time.

Thus, the app strives to make adjustments for me, give me "ticklers" to alert me to the actual time I need to be en route, and position me to get to my destination, on time and relaxed.

Challenges I ran into

The number of API’s I wanted to incorporate was unreasonable. Every time I listened to one of the API talks, I ended up changing my mind about my project.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

As previously stated, I procrastinate, won’t disengage when I get “in the zone,” struggle to accurately estimate time constraints. Here, I really tried to watch my time, my game plan, and keep my project and its development simple. I think I did pretty well…

What I learned

How talented everyone here is! My fellow hackers have truly inspired me, and I am so proud to be among them!
I have to give props to the Teenage Hackers and Pre-Teen Hackers who are here! And their parents to! Thank you for taking the time and exposing them to a skill that will Change their lives for sure.

What's next for Tickler

I hope that Tickler will inspire kids… and adults to give hacking a try.

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