During the Hackathon, as we were waiting in line for our food, me and my partner decided that waiting in line is a waste of valuable time which could be used for other things such as saving babies. So we created this web application which can be used across platforms which allows the user to grab a ticket number to events within a 1 km radius of their current location. This ticket will tell them what time to get to the booth so they wouldn't have to wait through a line. This also helps promoters in the area as the user has an access to a list of events in the vicinity which acts as a sort of advertisement. This could also be extended to capture the data of events to see which booths are the most popular and need more staff. This application is targeted towards all vendors with an access to a smart phone or computer at their disposable. It can be used for an event as large as Hack the North but also usable by small local stores.

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