When playing Ticket to Ride, the game can become predictable due to the limited number of cards in the deck. It also creates an imbalance for players who haven't played the game as much, simply because they haven't memorized the available cards.

What it does

This expansion creates a deck of every possible route between cities that aren't neighbors, and keeps track of which players are assigned which route cards. It helps calculate who won at the end by letting players submit which train segments they had by tracing the segments on a map, rather than counting up segments of various lengths (like other Ticket to Ride apps require).

How we built it

Android Studio

Challenges we ran into

We never programmed with Android before, so everything.

Accomplishments that we're proud of


What we learned


What's next for Ticket To Ride - Expanded Deck

More results at the end, to see what cards everyone had and when they drew them.

Built With

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