Investing is an interesting way to make money, we want that to be more accessible to people

What it does

Teaches people how to understand stocks, while playing a fun game

How we built it

Used Android Studio as well as coded algorithms and researched important principles for stock prediction

Challenges we ran into

TIME. And bringing everything together.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We put in ALOT of work for 36 hours, and only two of us new eachother before we came. So we worked hard and made connections that, and we are proud of that.

What we learned

Using bash for extraction. Coding in java to create files and order data. How to use android studio. Generally, we learned team skills, important principles for predicting stocks, and to have fun while working hard

What's next for TickerU

To finish up everything, polish it, and send it out to the app store!

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