Recently, there has been a major event in market history: the inflation of GME, AMC and other stock prices mainly due to investors creating buzz on social platforms, such as Reddit and Twitter. The power of social media on the stock market inspired us to make this project.

What It Does

This app aims to help both individuals and companies make informed investing decisions by allowing users to monitor daily fluctuations in the mentions of their stocks. TickerTrakr allows a user to enter the stocks they own or want to enquire about, and see the volume of engagement surrounding this ticker on social media. After searching for the stock ticker, a data panel on the stock of interest is shown with graphs and statistics clearly displayed for easy access. Data is updated real-time.

How We Built It

For this project, we used Python for the backend with Flask and HTML, CSS and Javascript for the frontend. We also used the Twitter Search API, Reddit API and the Finnhub API to get the real-time data we needed.

Accomplishments That We're Proud Of

We are super proud of being able to create a full-stack application within a 36 hour window from scratch. This took a lot of effort and a lot of energy drinks :). Moreover, we believe that the website we have created is functional, user-friendly and visually appealing- making it a valuable tool for investors and traders.

What We Learned

Where to begin! Coming into this project, the main thing we were unsure of was how we could connect our Python backend to our frontend. After a long and painful struggle with Django, we learned about Flask and how to implement it in our program. We learned all about routes, ‘POST’ and ‘GET’ requests and more!

What's Next for TickerTrakr

We have a few things planned for TickerTrakr. First, we plan to have the server automatically access data from the API’s daily. Moreover, we would want to deploy this site on the cloud and have it running 24/7. We would also love to add additional features such as a watchlist where users can monitor their stocks with ease. Further, we plan to implement searches on different areas in social media- such as Google News, Facebook and more- to allow a more holistic view.

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