Ticker Picker

This application retrieves the 500 stocks tracked by the S&P500 index and runs them through a variety of indicators in order to perform a technical overview. The final result is the ability to view the highest rated stocks to buy or sell and subsequently view their individual indicator ratings, in order to make a decision.

We are three students with a passion for quantitative finance. Our motivation behind pursuing this project was to create a tool to simplify our daily trading lives. We hope that this tool can be used by other traders who were in our situation that wished for a lightweight application that could provide us with a quick snapshot of current market conditions.

Throughout this past weekend we had the opportunity to explore and enhance our skills in data science and quantitative finance. We learned an immense amount about time series data analysis, UI design, and application development. Some of the challenges we faced included selecting features based on viability, analytical limitations, and feasibility of APIs for data scraping.

Overall, this has been a dopamine inducing 36 hours.

Built With

  • api
  • gui
  • jupyter-notebook
  • python
  • tkinter
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