The purpose of this project was to provide an application that would reach as many people as possible and to be used as often as possible. So we focused it on the biggest user group – the ‘Regulars’ and attempted to enable / encourage them to become Explorers.

This application utilises real-time AT bus data and real-time NZTA traffic congestion data to enable users to see buses (in real time) that are in close proximity and heading to (/towards) their destination. The buses that are displayed are the ones that will be passing their location (or pass a location within walking distance) – It answers the questions: “I am here; I need to get to x, show me which bus I can hop on as soon as possible to get me there” This application focuses on the ‘now’. This is not a journey planner, it does not help ‘plan’ a journey, users can utilise the existing journey planner on the AT website This application can complement the existing journey planner.

Please read attached file for more information :)

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