One in five Canadians will be affected by mental illness in their lifetimes.Tick-Tock Refill was inspired due to the the study, "E-mails in a Psychiatric Practice: Why Patients Send Them and How Psychiatrists Respond". This study highlights the importance of saving time between the physician and patient via e-mail. Using this study and research on mental health, we knew our hack had to impact medicine and indirectly play a role in reducing wait times.

What it does

Tick-Tock Refill is a user friendly application that uses google-cloud API, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) which allows a patient to take pictures of their drug prescriptions to catch text details which can be manually copied so that are sent out to their physicians via email. The psychiatrist or physician can better care for his patients, and work on refills without wasting both the patients or his time. This reduces wait times for those who have urgent issues that need to be dealt with, as a prescription can be validated and verified electronically. Firebase was not implemented in time, but we have built a database with collection of drugs to treat mental illness that would have been compared to the text that the OCR API would provide. This would then allow for the data to be shared with the doctor that can prescribe that specific drug eliminating the wait on their home doctor.

How we built it

Using the Google Cloud AP OCR(Optical Character Recognition) and coding the Android app in java to allow for a user

Challenges we ran into

Debugging, understanding Firebase and how to use it within the application, and coming up with an idea.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Worked with an API and Android Studio, debugged errors.

What we learned

Iteration is key, and to embrace the unexpected as things will not always go as planned.

What's next for Tick-Tock Refill

Allow for approval and rejection of the refill to be done on the application with comments by both parties (reason for prescription by patient, or reason for rejecting prescription by physician), which allows to eliminate the email communication.

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