Limitations are Challenges, and I love the challenges.

Despite being the world’s most popular website builder, Wix has its limitations compared to open-source platforms. But, Wix is my love. And, I never stopped using Wix because I took these limitations as challenges. I love to find solutions, but sometimes I work when I’ve some motivation. Wix_DevCon Hackathon worked as motivation for me, and I go forward with the participation.

How do I build this?

I build things by vision. My vision is a social perspective. Would you like to know the vision?

So, my vision is to create a thing that looks easy to attract new people and create a game with the basics of coding instead of pro-level coding. So, I avoid external game APIs, iframe game sources, or advanced patterns.


With the Wix_DevCon rules and my vision, I move forward to build the game app. Below are the steps I followed:

  • Logics - First, I create a basic layout that is enough to test the logic. First, I choose to go with the Pass N Play game and then with Single Player.
  • Wireframing – I keep things simple which always looks good.
  • User Interface – After that, I go with the user interface. I tried to keep the design minimal and designed elements to give a feel like a game element.
  • User Experience – Once the user interface gets ready, I move to add some user experience with animation, delay & other spices which can make the dish tasty.
  • Testing - After the completion of game work, I do testing on different mobiles with different OS.
  • Feedback & Improvement - I get the feedback from the testers & make the required changes. Do this again & again until things get perfect. Thanks to my volunteer testers.


  • To create a sync between live & local data.
  • To create a statistics & settings menu.

What did I learn?


  • I learned to manage & sync between the local and live data. How to store the user profile in local storage? Update the local storage on changing settings & data.
  • I worked on the Realtime API & able to send and receive messages.

Other Learnings

  • Awareness is the most important. I know about the competition around 3-5 august. But shocked to know the competition is life from 5th July.

Game Features

  • Two modes to play: Single Player and Pass N Play.
  • Save Settings: The user can save settings like avatar, sound & statistics.
  • Sign Up/Login: The user can signup/log in to save the progress.
  • Play anywhere: The user can play on any device with saved settings by the login.

Things left, but possible on Wix Velo:

Because of time, I was unable to add the following features:

  • Online Multi-player
  • Leaderboard:
  • Community Forum
  • Chat between online players
  • Theme Customization
  • Player Token (X or 0) Customization

I hope you like this & thanks for your time while reading this. Looking forward to the results :)

Rajjat Garg (Wix Partner & Velo Certified Developer)

Built With

  • collection
  • dataset
  • wix-authentication
  • wix-collection
  • wix-data
  • wix-dataset
  • wix-location
  • wix-members
  • wix-storage
  • wix-users
  • wix-window
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