It was four weeks into the school semester and our teacher walked into the class one afternoon and said that our next assignment was to write a python code that would allow two humans to play Tic-Tac-Toe.

Basically, the code provided everything to ensure the game worked well i.e the game board, the current state of the board, and the winner.

Since we were just 4 weeks into the semester, I had to use my creativity to put together the little concepts we had learned earlier to accomplish this task.

Starting the project I had some minor bugs that were as a result of some extreme/endpoint values and I also had some complications when I was making use of nested loops.

Generally, I was proud that I was able to complete the task way before the deadline as it gave me more confidence in myself regarding programming.

At first, the project seemed impossible regarding the fact that I just started classes recently, but by breaking down the tasks into smaller tasks and solving them step by step(coming up with working algorithms), I was able to solve the whole problem.

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