The inspiration came from the challenge during the Day6 of Local Hack Day: Build in which there was a challenge of creating a basic tic tac toe game and it really fascinated me and here it is, I successfully completed the challenge and now my happiness is on another level.

What it does

It is just like the tic tac toe game which we usually play in our everyday life, in the form of web app.

How we built it

So, the game is built with the help of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and some library and frameworks too along with google fonts.

Challenges we ran into

Actually it was not that difficult but the most challenging part was to make the reset button responsive. I know that its really easy part but at first instance, I was confused and had committed something wrong in the Html part, which made me ran into such challenge. But overall it was a good experience and I really learned a lot :))

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I think for me the game itself is an accomplishment as I had, first time, made such a fully responsive game and that too in one of my favorite language, JavaScript.

What we learned

I really learned a lot of things which contains how to embed google fonts, how to make a UI friendly game, how simple code of JavaScript can make a huge impact overall, etc.....

What's next for Tic Tac Toe

So, it fascinated me to such extent that I want to make such game to a large scale where we can organize world-level tournaments, else some small tournaments and further I also want to add feature where we can invite our friends to this game and play with each other.

P.S. Forgive me for any grammar mistakes :)))

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