What do we want on mobile devices? Social media and games! Thanks to Chatter social media is already available within Salesforce. Now it is time to engage the gamers and their competitive spirit! An unscientific observation of Subway riders in NYC indicated that users are listening to headphones and playing games on their mobile devices. This insightful new game Tic Tac Close(TM) creates a new App Exchange category - CPG - Competition Performance Games(TM) for mobile users. CPG helps to make the sales the talk of the office! Imagine a bracket of competition just like the NCAA basketball tournament, World Cup, or Cricket that can be played each sales cycle. This can inspire competitive and team spirit within the organization!

Optimized for the Salesforce1 Mobile Platform, pick a colleague and compete! Focus on closing opportunities with a friendly competition of a game! Imagine champions being announced in meetings rather than the once exciting dashboard discussions.

Called the game within the game, users upon closing opportunities get the opportunity to place an X or an O on the Tic Tac Close(TM) board against their competition. By winning the game, bragging rights are earned for the winner! In addition the management then can put together incentives for winning the game – gift certificates, shows, or incentive cash.

The premise is based on people becoming more engaged and motivated if there is a competition. With the Salesforce1 platform, now they can be engaged and informed throughout the sales cycle with the focus on immediate opportunity closure. Salesforce does a great job of focusing on closing the sale now it can be more fun and spur some rivalry!

Check out our Dashboards and Reports to see how the organization is doing at Tic Tac Close!

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