Tiatros joined forces with experts at UCSF Medical Center four years ago to use the technologies that are fueling the explosive growth of social media to create a new technology platform to support advances in patient-centric health care, clinical research and clinical trials.

Tiatros makes clinical trials more efficient by creating a private secure mobile health cloud for each patient (or research subject), which we call a ‘CarePod.’ Tiatros connects all of the stakeholders in the patient’s care to each other and to all of the patient’s clinical information within his CarePod, so Tiatros dramatically lowers the cost of clinical trials by eliminating billions of dollars of manual, time-consuming, error prone clinical workflow processes.

The patient’s entire medical record, including complete copies of all specialized medical tests, can be added to his CarePod quickly and easily. The patient’s personal health record, including the treatment compliance and treatment response logs, is maintained inside his CarePod. All of the patient’s doctors and other providers can access the patient’s clinical information on their laptops, tablets and phones from anywhere, at any time. They are connected to each other using Tiatros’ social collaboration layer, enabling them to function as a truly collaborative study team even if they work in several different places.

Tiatros was designed for the mobile world - and over 2 billion people already know how to use Tiatros. Tiatros allows doctors to engage patients throughout the course of the trial by providing a comprehensive tool that allows doctors to quickly create assessment instruments that are delivered directly to patients’ mobile phones. For example, a doctor can ask her patient every morning how he slept the night before, and the patient can respond in real time to the question. These data are aggregated keystroke by keystroke inside the patient’s CarePod, and reflect the patient’s experience over the extended data collection period. Doctors are reporting much higher response rate to queries directed to patients’ mobile phones.

Because Tiatros processes many types of content, ranging from document to video files, and streams them directly to user devices, it is easy to deliver customized, more relevant content to everyone involved in a clinical trial, faster and far less expensively. Tiatros integrates a verified signature process that can be used to execute reports, to deliver study disclosures and other documents, and to enroll patients in clinical trials immediately.

The FDA is actively participating in two medical device clinical trials being conducted by the Pediatric Device Consortium at UCSF, because Tiatros enables the FDA to view the data as it is collected throughout the course of the study. For the first time, the FDA will have the information it needs to stop bad clinical trials in progress.

The CarePod paradigm is powerful. Tiatros’ extensive set of collaboration options allows providers to share information and to coordinate their activities efficiently. Tiatros also provides a common management and scheduling structure to coordinate the patient’s care.

UCSF privacy and security experts verified that Tiatros complies with HIPAA regulations and with the University of California’s stringent requirements for health data. Over 300 experts across the extended University of California Health System are developing and testing collaborative care protocols that are built on Tiatros.

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