TiAMO is combining social distancing and inclusion - applicable for abut not the constituents that are or turning homeless, that are loosing homes, that are loosing their homeland aka country, region, or city and that are multiple impacted and encounter live-endangering risks. Risks due to geopolitical fights, demographic changes, society shift and attention that is dedicated to the "rich and beautiful", pandemic threads and the loss of sensibility, values and ethical mindsets.

Effects _ Tiny Mobile Shelters diminish loss, uncertainty, and vulnerability. They connect physically and digitally constituents embracing the homeless, the ones who lost homes and the ones who face the need of a community around them.

How we built it _ Physical build and digital connect - driven by a smart fabric driven construction and online connect (very brief outline - we have the drawings and designs)

Challenges Now & Ahead of us _ Regulatory and human shortsightedness might lead in the beginning to many no-go's - we need to overpass the "not possible here" attitude and play the disruptive flute in a sense that many governmental, business, and financial leaders applauded in former times disruptors - disruptors that questioned traditional working, acting, and industrial setups

Accomplishments that we're proud of _ Diverse, constructive and multi-lateral discussion and exchange of distinct approaches and influencing topics: hotels, trade fair halls and others are empty; enough food is available due to shut down hotels and restaurants - wouldn't it be obvious to reroute food - yes: but it does not resolve the shelters we need now and that respect social distancing and individuals' and families' privacy

What we learned _ We all want to help and support for the better - speed is a critical success factors not only in planning but in acting - on any level (governmental, non-governmental, business, individual) - the first one might be the one that holds us back due to the federal system in Germany

What's next for TiAMO _ Scope definitions, Hearing additional ideas, Filtering and Get first draft of TiAMO design and functioning - MVP build for one test ground - Learning - Expanding - Making it real - with Caritas, #homelessentrepreneur and many others

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