We wanted to make a discord bot for our ACM channel, and decided to add a fun Battle Royale game to it using sentiment analysis to rate user's opinions on Tiabot.

What it does

With the BR mode, users who are the most-nice to Tiabot remain, with the saltiest thrown overboard!

How we built it

We used Typescript and the Discord.js framework for communicating with the discord API.

Challenges we ran into

A couple team members had to learn TypeScript to work on the project. We also had to use Event Based programming in some places, rather than the typical sequential programming we were used to.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We got the sentiment analysis to work and it would rate users on their experience with Tiabot, the more positive they are, the less chance of them getting kicked.

What we learned

We learned some Typescript, and how to setup the environment for working with TypeScript. We also learned more about the google cloud API.

What's next for Tiabot

The long run goal would also be to add voice commands to the bot, and have it function similar to an Alexa while in the voice chat with a user. We would also like to expand the Battle Royale mode with more customized roles.

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