A hack created at Cal Hacks 6.0, Thymesia is an iOS app that helps you remember every person you meet by recording the most intuitive and relevant information in a simple way.


When we met an overwhelmingly number of people in September, we found the default contacts app inadequate. Hence, we created an open-ended contacts app that enables you to enter and organize almost any information. Often times when we walk away from a conversation with someone, all we remember is their first name, hair color, and favorite thing to do, rather than phone number or Facebook account. Thymesia helps you organize and search these easily identifiable traits so you can confidently greet anyone the next time you meet them!


Bundled Pairs of Information

Each contact is a card with an open-ended list of entries. You can write anything in an entry, from hair color to hobbies, and the app will automatically suggest a category (which you can override) for the entry.

Entry Suggestions

Based on the information you have previously entered, the app will also suggest new entries. (i.e. People with "Met at Cal Hacks" is likely also "Major in EE/CS".)

Search the Saved Contacts, By Any Keyword!

The search tab allows you to search for anything, including entries, categories of entry, and any particular contact card. (i.e. If you search for "hair:brown", all the contacts with that trait will show up.)

How we built it

Entry Suggestions Algorithm

Based on the category-entry pairs from previously saved contacts, given the category-entry pairs already entered in the current contact, we use Bayesian inference to suggest entries that are likely relevant.

Search Suggestions Algorithm

Suggests search values that evenly divide the remaining set of contacts in order to quickly narrow down the search.

UI/UX Design

Designed UI with SwiftUI

Challenges we ran into

  • Two of the four members started the project without knowing Swift and learned it on the fly

What's next

  • Implement machine learning algorithm for entry and search suggestions
  • Better syncing with native contacts app
  • Add the feature to scan and parse business card

Built With

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