It takes us a while to get our butts off the bed each morning so we thought of the only thing that motivates us to wake up - our phone. Why not make something that wakes us up and helps speed up our morning routine.

What it does

ThunderWear is meant to be used as an alarm clock that upon ringing, also sends out an email notification of the weather forecast for the day and recommended clothes to fit the weather.

How we built it

The Weather Network API was used to find out the current temperature, weather condition and forecast at a specific city, country location. The current temperature and condition are stored in a dictionary that is then used to select images that meet the specified temperature and weather conditions. The indico machine learning API is used to find similar types of clothes from those images (ex. tops) and a random one is selected from group to be sent as an email

We used a Snapdagon 410c to function as the alarm clock. An attached buzzer acts as the alarm and a touch sensor is used to turn it off. Right before the alarm rings, an email is sent to the user containing the weather forecast and clothes that they could wear to dress for it.

Challenges we ran into

We had initially wanted to use an LCD screen connected to the dragon board to display the time and allow for the alarm time to be set. However, after trying to get something to display we realized that the part did not work and we decided to change the alarm into a buzzer and touch sensor combo. Therefore, to modify the time for the alarm, you currently have to modify the code directly.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

What's next for ThunderWear

Actual alarm clock functionality. Menswear.

Built With

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