Thunder Nation


Every year, millions of resources are used across the globe for energy production despite the growth of modern technology. Our current technology allows for the common person to install renewable energy resources in their own home. However, many of us are unaware of the availability of these technologies, the affordable costs, and all of the benefits.

Let us build a community to empower every day people to make the world a better place. feel free to edit this

What it does

  • The purpose of this application is to provide Individuals with the ability to collaborate in building a better, more sustainable future in helping conserve and produce energy for everyone through gamification and community building. Through ThunderNation, users can join communities to learn more about renewable energies and get help, resources, and advice in producing their own clean energy from their homes.

How we built it

  • We first studied publicly available data on energy sources and consumption in order to better understand the problem we wanted to build a solution for. Once we had enough data, we visualized our data

Challenges we ran into

  • Breaking gitflow > at 3 am in the morning! :(
  • Communication
  • Dependencies
  • Stuck on the themes
  • Preparedness / Time Managing

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Getting themes
  • Getting Nginx working for the first time

What we learned

  • Gitflow, Perfect Pull Requests
  • Angular Material
  • Boostrap Graphs
  • Responsive Design Implementation
  • Using Postman

What's next for ThunderNation

  • Integrating and implementing the community and gamification aspects.
  • [ ] discussion boards with rewards systems
  • [ ] merit points for giving back to the community based on impact
  • [ ] Getting Machine Learning up and running with future collected data from the impact on environmental and energy in society to further estimate and motivate users through encouragement and goals to make the most positive impact starting with the Project Sunroof dataset we found later in the hack.

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