A solemn moment of reflection. A journey into the heart of the wild. A vision of things to come.

Through the Drift: Prelude is a virtual reality adventure game set in the hallowed center of an enchanted land. As the surrounding forest awakens, it offers glimpses into the secrets held within. Are the mysterious revelations echoes of memories long forgotten? Or shadows of events yet to pass?

  • Observe and explore an enchanted virtual reality environment
  • Use your voice to interact with a faithful animal companion
  • Race to safety on an exciting downhill ride
  • Unravel the mysteries of the forest
  • Piece together the elements of the story to reveal your path

As the Prelude in the title suggests, the game is a representation of a much larger story based vision. The Drift team is taking key elements of the larger project and incorporating them into a smaller self contained experience more attuned to the scope of a month long game jam. While easier said than done, it is our desire to deliver a short yet very enjoyable game experience that offers a glimpse into the possibilities of our full title.

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