We were considering the effects of the depression faced every day by introverts and, and Abhiraj Sharma was the one who came up with a method of building lasting connections through the Internet.

What it does

Each new user creates an account and is asked to identify themselves as an introvert or an extrovert. They are then quizzed on their preferences on a range of topics and placed in a chat with similar-minded people - mostly introverts, but also one extrovert whose job is to create new memories which are then stored by the software.

How we built it

We wrote in Python using Visual Studio Code and GitHub for collaboration. We used socket to create the connection between the server and clients.

Challenges we ran into with

None of us were particularly good with GitHub, and also none of us had used socket before. Additionally, we lost our original teammate very quickly into the hackathon and had to fill a gap.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We learned to use socket very quickly, and we have a smooth login and chat system.

What we learned

We learned about server communication, and many of us learned a lot about object-oriented programming and GitHub as well.

What's next for ThriveTalk

We'd like to find a host and implement it on the Web, as well as write a GUI so that the users don't have to use a shell window to run it.

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