Today, America's healthcare system is plagued with gaps and inefficiencies. Before visiting a new healthcare provider, patients are unable to compare various healthcare providers before choosing one that best suits them. After their visit, healthcare providers must call patients individually to check in on how they're doing and answer any questions that patients may have. There is no standard system that patients can use to give feedback and frequent non-urgent updates to their healthcare providers. That's why we made Thrive!

Our solution

Thrive is a platform that aims to guide patients at every step of the process of seeking and receiving care. Patients can search for healthcare providers and read reviews on them before scheduling an appointment. After visiting the doctor, Thrive will remind them to take any medications they were prescribed and leave a review for the healthcare provider they visited. Doctors and patients can easily communicate with each other through the in-app chat feature. As more and more patients submit feedback and ratings, doctors can see how they compare to their peers and what areas they can improve in.

The iOS app is geared towards patients who are on-the-go and need a simple, streamlined process of submitting daily feedback and writing reviews about their healthcare providers. The desktop app is geared towards healthcare providers, who need an easy way to monitor and communicate with many patients at once.

Building it

Our team of three has experience across iOS development, web development, and UI/UX design. Knowing that our goal was ambitious, we scoped our goal for the hackathon to create a working prototype that demonstrates the value proposition of the idea. We took the divide and conquer approach to accomplish this - as Katy iterated on the development of UI/UX designs, Matt and Magnus developed them in the iOS and web apps (respectively).

The learning experience

This was our first time working with a location-based API that runs in the background and sends push notifications when a certain threshold has been reached. We struggled a bit with the data structure and setting it up with our own database / backend, but it worked out well at the end and we use it now in our notifications. We are planning to keep the API after this project and add more features, to get more data about our users. We also gained more experience working with Google's Firebase.

Built With

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