Immigrants face several challenges such as new languages, new people, adapting to new cultures, and having to adjust to a new community. Therefore, our app gives an all in one package for immigrants to “Thrive” in their new country.

What it does

Our object recognition and translation feature using IBM Watson's Visual Recognition gives immigrants a way to learn a new language visually, and our speech to text Microsoft Azure feature helps users translate words through speech on the fly. In addition, our resources page provides users with easy access to information in local and national communities, while our chat option connects the community of newcomers.

How we built it

By first designing the app layout and individual screens in Sketch, we created a seamless and easy-to-use UI design. Through Android Studio, we created and integrated front end designs with backend connections and databases.

Challenges we ran into

The documentation for the various APIs we used and usable examples were sometimes far and few in-between this made for a steep learning curve and made implementation much harder than expected. This was also the first time the majority of the group was working with an android application which further increased the time needed to make this application.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We are proud of the IBM Watson Visual Recognition feature that identifies objects and outputs the result to the app. This feature then translates and displays the output in English as well as the native language of choice.

What's next for Thrive

Implement a live chat feature in addition to the community posts page. Add a calendar feature for event updates. Connect with current immigration companies and organizations to expand services available to immigrants.

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