ThriftFly is a network to connect frequent fliers connect and share incredible airfare deals. Save money on your next vacation or dream adventure to your bucket list destinations by finding deals shared by users on the app

Add, tip and report expired flight deals

Users sign up with 25 Kin added to their account as sign up bonus. User can then add a flight deal from the add deal page. User inputs the source location, destination location, date of onward and return journeys, airline code and arrival and departure time and dates. On addition 15 Kin is awarded to the user for sharing the deal. Thriftfly then verifies the deal online checking the average prices on the same route and make the deal live so that it becomes available to other users on the platform. Other users on the platform can then favorite the deal if they like it, report the deal as expired if the fare is no longer available. Every tip transfers 1 Kin to the user who posted the deal. Reporting expired deals on verification also fetches the user 1 Kin

Thus ThrifyFly is a user controlled network where users share data verified by the admin and checked for errors by fellow users.


Leaderboard enables users to see top contributors in terms of points earned(Kin), deals added and deals expired reported. This adds a unique gamification feature to the app giving more encouragement and reasons for users to stay more active and post more incredible deals flying around.

How I built it

I used Firebase to save user info, flights info and Kin Android Client SDK for the android app and Django app powered by Kin Python SDK to verify account create and send Kin transactions from the backend.

Challenges I ran into

Setting up Kin backend sdk on my server was a challenge as I took some time to making it work fine without any glitches

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Integrating Kin SDK into the app and publishing a fully fledged server to facilitate creating accounts and send Kin

What I learned

It's my first Blockchain app and it was a brilliant experience learning a completely new field that I've never touched on before

What's next for ThriftFly

I wish to make the social network more rewarding with more functionalities and more social and sharing mechanisms. Implement email alerts for new deals and add follow locations feature to users to track their bucket list destinations. Automated deals verification and deals expiry checks are also on the way to eliminate turn around time between deals addition and the same becoming live

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