The vision of this project was to remove the negative stigma associated with "used clothes" and promote "reusable fashion". This way, we can create a more sustainable environment as we encourage individuals to re-sell second-hand clothes rather than it landing in landfills.

How it works

What we do at thrift'eh is take ownership of your second-hand clothes. They are shipped to our company's location where the clothes are clean, modelled and professionally photographed. We upload the clothing item on our website's catalog, where the second-hand clothing is sold to another individual.

How we made it

In order to build this project, we chose to implement our ideas through the use of the Shopify API.

Challenges we ran into

The most difficult part of this project was learning the syntax of an API. As no one on our team had ever used one before this proved to be our greatest difficulty.

Our biggest accomplishment

The most exhilarating moment of our project was finally getting the hang of using the API. However, we ran short of time and we were unable to fully implement the API into our final project. Nevertheless we gained a lot of experience working with API and hard lessons on time management skills.

What we learned

Besides from being exposed to the what an API is and how they work, our team learned how to collaboratively work together to create something cool in a short period of time.

Next steps for thrift'eh

Next steps for thrift'eh is to implement the use of artificial intelligence to better suggest what clothing items to purchase next. (Similar to how Amazon shows related suggestions when purchasing an item),

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