What Inspired You?

When the opportunity to try something new and explore its many possibilities came, I immediately jumped in, ready to see what my team and I could accomplish. Creating the theme was like one big puzzle and it was fun to see all that we were able to create with both design and development. Another aspect that was fun was working with the design team to get inspired by cool imagery that we wanted to be sure to include.

What Did You Learn?

When developing anything, the goal is to make sure the outcome is as user-friendly as possible. With Thresher, it was fun making a theme that is intuitive and easy-to-use for both the users and marketers. I learned about using JSON in HubSpot as well as building out theme field files and how to make sure they could do what users needed them to do.

Challenges Faced

When using a different platform, it’s common to need some time to adjust to differences. Some aspects felt familiar and others were different and it was a bit of a challenge to understand the documentation on theme settings at first. Then, when it came time to QA, there was just so much to try and review and test because we were intentional to include many options, tools, and customization capabilities. With that, if you made one change or edit, even accidentally, it could break everything because the tools are created to be multi-functional and customized. So with that, there’s a lot more to test and various chances to accidentally break something.

How We Built The Template

The first version of the template was a basic rebuild of our current website as a theme. This was intentional so we could familiarize ourselves with the options without having to create new design aspects. Then the second version was a more refined template where we built the modules to be more intuitive and customizable. Then, our last version was a new build and design to offer more options and tools to the users to ensure they could bring their vision to life.

Built With

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