We take inspiration from the informations’ Unesco Guidebook and the idea for AI from the movie Her. We want to do something to help journalists find out the more easier way to report , understand climate change and sustainable development for it, to build awareness for community.

What it does

Its an Android Mobile App that has tools for journalist to search informations, keywords for their report. It also help journalists to write their report faster and more convience by voice via AI Writer. Then we also supply tips, stories, images for journalist to expanding their knowledges about Climate Change.

How we built it

Android, web service, chat bot, API google map

Challenges we ran into

We need to fix mistakes and difficulty about time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have new ides for AI to help our a better life. Also we supply map about polluted area to enhence community’s awareness about climate change then we can take actions immidiately for deal with problems.

What we learned

To work in team, manage time.

What's next for ThreeWolves

In the future we want to widen our polluted area map to Asia and also write more tools for AI that it can write a whole essay and report for journalists.

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