Well I always want to make things fun and I dont like the formal ways. So I decided to make recycling fun too. Also thanks to ExploreHacks for giving me this opportunity to test my skills .

So it is like a game , you do stuff and earn rewards and compete. So the idea is very simple as you know it. Making recycling fun. So I have basically created an app in which a user can enter theamount of plastic recycled and can basically compete with his or her friends.

Challenges --> Well I am new to the cloud based apps so passing the data was the most difficult part but since I have experienced it once so it was not even that hard but still it was quite difficult.

Accomplishment --> The thing I am most proud of is something weird but still , took me 3 hrs to complete, the image picker for profile picture and passing image data. Yes, I know its weird but that was the best thing I did.

Learned --> first thing , thanks exploreHacks for this opportunity. I was quite confident on my computer skills but when I actually did the mathematics for the progress bar and stuff, I got to know my real potential. So , everything I made and programmed was the thing I learned and now I am more fluent with cloud storage and stuff

threeRP --> Well , this app came out well , I am planning to add more stuff in it like a reward system from the sponsor and a better way to stop fraud system in it. Also I am trying to learn new animations and things which will make the app look better. Also I am planning to learn more UI/UX designing so I can make this app prettier and simple.

P.S -> To test this app you will need to install Firebase and SDWebImageSwiftUI library so the library can work with firebase. However this will not be needed for App Store publishment . So for iOS fire base setup => (https://firebase.google.com/docs/ios/setup) And you can install SDWebImage from swift package manager from this site => (https://github.com/SDWebImage/SDWebImageSwiftUI)

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