We found ourselves curious to know more about people mentioned on webpages, whether it's an about page of a company, a blog, a news article there are names everywhere and we wanted to build a tool that tells you more about those people.

What it does

It's a chrome extension that extracts all the people mentioned on a page using IBM Alchemy Language API and uses metadata on that page to link to LinkedIn, Facebook Twitter profiles of people mentioned on that page.

How I built it

We built it using IBM Alchemy API, which helped us extract all the People entities on the page and we used context around the people names like the website, company, school to find their LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter profiles.

Challenges I ran into

Sometimes IBM Alchemy API doesn't return full name of people mentioned on the page so we had to ignore first names from the list we generated

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We were able to show how many degrees you are away on LinkedIn, among the people mentioned on a page. If you are on an events page with attendees listed, you can also see all of the friends and people you are following on Facebook or Twitter, who are also attending the event.

What I learned

Learned how to user Alchemy API, pretty sweet.

What's next for ThreeDegrees

We will be improving our link generation mechanism to get more accurate links to people's social profiles

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