We were inspired by a statistic that said that nearly 1.9 Billion tonnes of food were wasted every year.

What it does

Our platform matches restaurants and individuals looking to donate food with those who need it. Our goal is to make sure every individual gets 'Three-A-Day'

How we built it

We built it using firebase as the database and React as the front end. We primarily used google cloud functions for backend computing. There is also a digital ocean server in the mix that runs Cron jobs etc. to schedule the matching of restaurants and charities.

Challenges we ran into

Writing asynchronous functions in an environment that does not support ES6 was a bit of a challenge. Matching charities to restaurants on the basis of least number of trips made and location by using the geocoding google maps api was a bit tedious.

What we learned

Learned how to write Async functions on non-ES6 environments! How to schedule cron jobs.

What's next for Three-A-Day

Public release!

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