THRAX is an investigation into the use of Holotables in Virtual Reality as a medium for playing Sci-Fi styled shooter and RPG games.

For those not accustomed to the Holotable it is an iconic piece of command center equipment found in many Sci-Fi films including the mapping scene from Prometheus, Dejarik the chess style game played in Star Wars or Avatar's command center just to name a few.

THRAX will bring controller based action orientated gameplay, which will see you piloting through a war scenario played out on the Holotable. You will be taking out objectives with a variety of weapons and destroying the enemy tasked with their protection.

This Holotable concept in virtual reality will enable depth perception onto an otherwise flat screen based gameplay. With the addition of surrounding HUD for ships’ health status, weapon selection and mission maps this virtual scene will become the ultimate command center must have.

THRAX was fun to make and I hope you enjoy the experience of playing it.

For more media and information on the development go to the THRAX Website

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