Humans remember places better than random facts of information. Being able to pin your thoughts to different objects in a virtual space would help remember information better, plus, it's super cool.

What it does

It gives you some VR real estate to be able to create, arrange and keep track of ideas/thoughts while being completely portable

How we built it

We managed to get an Android phone (sitting in a Google Cardboard) to talk to a Leap Motion to keep track of hands. This is one of the main ways of interacting with ThoughtSpace. Living in this unity ecosystem are 2 node servers, one that helps with tracking leap motion data, and one to poll firebase and keep things in sync. The firebase is to be able to store notes and position coordinates of notes in 3D space. The firebase is kept updated through a lambda function living on Amazon Web Services, which is fed data through the Amazon Echo (This is the second important way to interface with ThoughtSpace). AWS also makes requests to Wolfram's API to pull important/relevant data when requested for richer notes. This adds some great functionality to plain thoughts.

Challenges we ran into

Getting the leap motion to talk to our Android phone was no easy task. It isn't documented, isn't officially supported, and there's only 1 person, somewhere on the internet, that we know of who's ever been able to pull this off (at the time of writing). Being able to pull it off within this short duration, and go on to build a product around this was definitely a big hurdle we crossed.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Being able to overcome the obstacle described above + getting a whole bunch of tech that none of our team members were familiar with to work together to create something awesome.

What we learned

How to use the Leap Motion, the Amazon Alexa and RedBull.

What's next for ThoughtSpace

We're planning to release a Library to standardize the Leap Motion + Android interface. Building something robust on this end could lead to some interesting outcomes. ( IRL Animus anybody? )

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