ThoughtPath is a mental health start-up focused on matching patients with the right therapist.


Research has shown many therapist-client relationships fail due to personality conflicts. Therapists, several times a week, unfortunately have to tell aspiring clients that they would be ineffective counselors and end up turning them down. This leads to many clients failing to receive the help they desire and therapists having lackluster work schedules. Our website seeks to solve this problem by matching aspiring patients with local therapists best suited for their needs.

Getting Started


First clone the repo by typing in git clone Next cd thoughtpath and then type npm install to install the first set of dependencies. Then cd client and again type npm install to install the second and final set of depencies. Now type npm start and then stop the server. After stopping the server, type cd ... Finally type nodemon to run the server on localhost:3000.


  • Platform: node.js
  • Framework: express.js
  • CSS Preprocessor: CSS
  • JavaScript Framework: angular2
  • Database: mongodb, mongodbjs


A special thanks to Victor at Disrupt the District 2018 for helping us ensure the backend worked properly by teaching us how to use Postman, and also for helping us fix minor connection issues.

Thank you to Traversy Media for creating helpful tutorials, like the one we used.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details.

MIT © 2018 THought Path

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