Ideas can occur anywhere, anytime. The "Aha! Moment" which forms the basis for a tipping point in a product needs to be captured in a seamless way. This app will help representatives / sales manager / CEO / Tech Head or anyone in the organization capture their "Aha! Moment" when it strikes them.

In the current scenario, most of us note down the idea or email it out. Both of these methods are ineffective in majority of the cases. Notes are seldom shared, and ideas get buried under the plethora of other important emails.

This app will enable a user to capture the idea and quickly jot down relevant information ( Maybe a napkin sketch or how it was triggered or which customer suggested this new idea / feature ) and share it with everybody or a selected group on chatter. All users or the users in a particular group get immediately notified of the new "Aha! Moment" so that they can vote / comment on it.

The senior management and key decision makers ( Head of Product, sales, Engineering etc ) will get visibility into the best ideas and authors on their dashboard. This encourages an "Outside In" approach that lets different users contribute to the product and the overall company strategies. We have also included a "Top Authors / Contributors" leaderboard which can be used by the HR Department during the appraisal cycle.

We feel this app would bring tremendous value to the organization! Sales and Support teams would love this since no ideas would get lost, and the Product / Engineering / Marketing teams would love this because only the ideas which get bubbled up to the top need to be worked on! Its a win-win on both sides.

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