In many places, including schools, there are not enough resources to support people with disabilities. This is unfair as many people with disabilities do not have enough support for their education and to communicate with others. Due to this, we have created several projects to provide resources for people with dyslexia, ADHD, and those with an auditory or speech impairment.

What it does

ASL- Gesture Recognition: Uses machine learning to recognize American Sign Language (hand symbols) and translating it into English. People can use this both for communication and to learn ASL.

Dyslexia: Flashcards with pictures and text to speech using React as an assistant for dyslexic students to learn.

ADHD: Children with ADHD benefit from reading along with a program that can take the text and turn it into audio. Hence, we have provided a text-to-speech program. This helps with reading speed and learning new vocabulary.

How we built it

Using React and Tensorflow.js. CSS and bootstrap for styling

Challenges we ran into

We were facing difficulties in deploying ML model using react

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are able to deploy our ML model on React web app We are proud that all of us met for the time during the hackathon and were able to communicate effectively and build the project. Despite of the huge time-zone difference

What's next for Thought School

We aim to include more features for mental illnesses too . We plan to make the app mobile customized and improve the accuracy of ML model

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