We love traveling, it means the world to us. To be able to take adventures to the distant corners of the world is a gift that before our times, was unknown to the average person. But difficulties still plague travel, namely: clothing preparation. What if we moved beyond the suitcase?

What it does

Thistle and Wind helps you travel light. By simplifying the logistics of your suitcase, you’re free to focus on your trip instead of your luggage. With curated collections, we guide users members through the process of picking out suits and clothing an ensemble that will look and fit great. When they you arrive at your destination, all that’s left to do is wear it. With a wardrobe in the cloud, there’s less baggage to drag around.

How we built it

Node-express backend, MongoDb-Mongoose database, Angular frontend, Bootstrap grid. One designer two developers

Challenges we ran into

Hacking-wise, lack of time to spend on stylistic polishes. The challenges are less hacking-related, and more working out the long-term logistical means, since we are developers and designers and not primarily economists, business and strategy.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Going home at night, getting sleep, keeping a good attitude.

What we learned

That it's a good idea to bring your own chair to a hackathon

What's next for Thistle & Wind

Further development and refactoring, taking the time to polish it

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