My inspiration for my app This Or That is somewhat silly. One day when I was scrolling through Instagram, I saw the old meme 'Hotdogs or Legs' and I thought of all of the other pictures that look like other things. That's when I thought of 'This Or That'. This Or That is a way to share funny pictures that look like other things.

What it does

This Or That allows users to post images that could potentially be 2 different things. The app has an easy to use template and a voting feature so you can see what others around the world. thought the image was

How I built it

I built this with Swift using Firebase as my backend.

Challenges I ran into

It took me a long time figuring out how to incorporate Firebase in my app, especially in the Collection View Cells

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud of figuring out how to make majority of the app by myself, and now I know how to create an app using Firebase. This was my first time ever coding.

What I learned

I learned the basics of Swift language, Firebase and how to use XCode.

What's next for This Or That

I plan on adding a commenting feature, an interactive graph feature and more in the next version. I just starting coding and I don't plan to stop anytime soon.

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