We originally wanted to use the Bose TouchSound API to offload as much of a music remixer/tracker as possible to it. Remixing music with most the of the logic on the speak - cool!

What it does

Well... nothing! We didn't end up making any progress. That really really sucked.

How we built it

Challenges we ran into

We spent the majority of the hackathon researching the capabilities of the speaker, how to stitch Wav files together in real time, and struggling to connect to the speaker - because, you know, it doesn't have ethernet capability. And even though we brought our own router, the speaker is unhappy without internet. So after 12 hours of struggles we decided to sleep so our 6 hour drive back wouldn't be horrible.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We ended up sleeping for about 7 hours. That's pretty awesome.

What we learned

My favorite part of this hackathon is that everyone who was working on Bose-related hacks exchanged information. People pentested the speaker and got root (there's no password), found information online about how to turn it into dev mode (which would have been cool to know about beforehand), which allowed up to use telnet commands ( ). If we had functional internet for the first 12 hours then things could have been much much different.

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