How can we help artists tap into the mindset in which they are most creative? By consciously recognizing and breaking our routine, we free ourselves from its constraints. We give our brains permission to go outside the proverbial box, coming up with new solutions and ideas.

What it does

Virtual dream space that allows the viewer to awaken creativity and focus. The sounds in TSILB are an amalgam of original compositions and found sounds from the outside world, bridging the new with the familiar. Objects in the liminal space appear against a stark background: abstract sculptures, thoughts turned solid, the floaters in your eyes come to life.

How we built it

Maya Tiltbrush Unity C#

Challenges we ran into

Fading in objects in Unity!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Fading an object in Unity!

What we learned

How to code in unity in 12 hours.

What's next for This Space Left Intentionally Blank

We want to integrate viewer interactions where the dream object they're looking at breathes with them.

Built With

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