To create a kid friendly Alexa skill for kids from toddler to kids under the age of 13. This Or That is a classic conversation game but adding a kid friendly content to a game makes it more interesting and less intense for kids ranging in age from 5 to 12 years. This or that questions are a great way to get to know the kid or a fun way for kids to pass the time and play game.

What it does

This Or That For Kids is a Get-To-Know-You type of game that can be played by kids. For parents or teachers, it is a funny way to get to know your kids or students better. It also helps the kids to get to know their preferences and their tastes.

It is a fun game that can be played anywhere and anytime on an Alexa device. As an example, Alexa can ask "Would you rather choose THIS: be a great dancer, or THAT: be a great gymnast?". And the kids will choose whatever they prefer.

Kids go through a phase where they want to be this or that. It could be trying to become an architect or gymnast. So this is great for professional type. Other contents in the game include food comparison, animals and so on.

How I built it

I used NodeJS, AWS Lambda, databases, APIs and Alexa SDK.

Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Creating a skill for Alexa marketplace that can be used mainly by the kids, groups or people in general and in some cases adults can have fun with it as well.

What I learned

Using the Alexa Software Development Kit

What's next for This Or That For Kids: Alexa Skill

Currently there are about 90 questions in the content. And my plan is to increase the number to 300 - 500 questions in the next 1 - 2 months. New features will constantly be added to the skill as an enhancement.

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