How do we translate data into action? This Art Life is a geospatial exhibit that gives a peek into how America participates in the arts, analyzing the strengths and weakness in art participation in each region, down to the individual. Starting from the state level, and zooming into the individual view, it highlights at each level the top three forms of art the community is most likely to participate in and the least likely to participate in compared to its peers. At the end, the user is prompted to improve their community’s standing by suggesting cultural events and venues near where they live. The goal of the exhibit is to show the user that these stats are not simply numbers, but are reflected and influenced by their role in the community. Each level of the exhibit has a URL permalink, allowing them to share their community pride with their Facebook/Twitter friends.

The information architecture of the site is kept minimal and the crafted watercolor map gives the message that art is all around us. The interactive components of the exhibit are handled in client-side Javascript, making it easy to host in a Django or other environment. The UI is designed to scale well on desktops, tablets, and mobile phones.

Built With

  • national-endowment-for-arts-data
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