Dating apps are missing something. There are plenty of dating apps to meet new people but many times when you the date in person they don't look like their profile pic. With video you can see your date before you meet.

What it does

You can find people near you or around the world to match with. When you match you can chat as you normally would in a dating app but you have the option to open up a video chat so you don't have to exchange personal information.

How I built it

The iOS app is built in swift and using WebRTC for video.

Challenges I ran into

Building video into an app has many challenges. Latency and video quality are a concern but the app was successfully tested to provide video.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The app was successfully tested with friends in Canada and the video was great.

What I learned

People really want to see what their date looks like beforehand. Nonverbal communication is key when selecting a match. Video really does help people decide if they want to meet.

What's next for thirsty

Pushing this app to the Apple app store. We have some friends that are beta users but we want to open it up to more users.

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