Carbon Neutrality has been a long-sought goal for much of recent humanity. After the Industrial Age, the rapid creation of technologies like massive factories that ran on coal, electricity, automobiles, airplanes, and more, have lead to a rapid increase in pollutants and CO2 in the atmosphere. As years progress, our Earth will gradually become warmer, the ice caps will melt, we will notice slow-yet-surely appearing climate changes, and overall, our world will become something from a disaster movie.

Any individual human does not have the capacity to single-handedly change the path our planet is headed in but, a combined effort surely can. thirdlaw is a project that aims to tackle this very issue -- to help us become carbon-neutral humans.

What it does

There are two realities of today's day and age: 1. our world is slowly diminishing in its quality due to the pollution we humans have put out and 2. money makes the world go round. Considering these two things, we are third law aimed to incentive fellow humans to lead more carbon-neutral lives but offering monetary incentives.

The application starts off with a quick 3-minute survey that gets an overall gauge of how an individual conducts his or her own life. After that initial survey, the human has a decent idea on where they stand, in terms of their personal carbon emissions. After signing up and logging into the app, they can hook up their bank account to see payment details, which businesses they work with, and get more insightful information about their day-to-day resource usage.

We offer our users two main ways to change their carbon footprint: A. changing their actions or B. offsetting their impact by doing other things. If they start increasing their carbon neutrality, over time they would get "Newton Coins" that they can cash in to get deals from partnering carbon-neutral companies.

How we built it

The application is built on the IOS platform with a Google Firebase backend. We hooked it up to the Plaid API for bank integration and worked with Figma for designing the app from scratch.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This is the first time three of the team members have worked on iOS and although it was a huge learning curve, we were up for the challenge and learned how to work with Xcode, the fundamentals of Swift, and core concepts behind iOS development. Although it was difficult, it was definitely a rewarding experience.

What's next for thirdlaw

A lot of the application/hacking part of this project is done but the hard part is next -- operations. This project is heavily reliant on partnerships with businesses, non-profits, and even the government (for tax deductions). As we can offer more incentives on thirdlaw, more users will be attracted to using our platform to decrease their personal carbon footprint.

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