Our team is comprised of Shabad (from India) and Juan (from Guatemala). Although we both had the privilege to pursue university in the US and study computer science, the majority of people in our countries barely have access to technology. Constantly bugged by this idea, we decided to channel our knowledge into a platform that would provide support for those who are interested in computer science but yet cannot afford a computer or even internet connectivity. However, it is predicted that by the end of 2019 around 70% of the world population will have a mobile device.

This drove us to develop the idea of Third World Code. A platform that facilitates learning the fundamentals of computer science without access to a computer or the internet. The idea is to reduce inequality in access to resources in computer science by providing middle-school teachers with SMS assisted coding exercises for their students. After the teacher selects a set of problems for his students to solve, our web server distributes the code via text message to the students. The students reply to the server with code stubs which are then compiled on the cloud. The server then gives feedback on the students exercises, as well as record each individual's performance.

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