inspired by the opportunity to practice my game development skills and work with the new SDKs and gaming kit from third web.

What it does

A token gated play to earn unity 3d game.. Users connect their wallets and pay 1 RUT token to play the game, if they pick up the purple claim token in the game they win and they have access to mint and claim 10 free RUT tokens from our token drop. Currently the RUT tokens have been made available to claim for free on the token drop and in the main menu of the game but in the future users would have to buy the tokens and then participate in the game and when they win more tokens in the game they can trade these tokens in an exchange.

How we built it

Built it using unity 3d, thirdweb gaming kit, contract kit, coinbase cloud, thirdweb storage and ipfs.

Challenges we ran into

Had some challenges deploying the game build but finally got a solution from one of our mentors on the discord channel

Accomplishments that we're proud of

we are proud to have deployed our game build

What we learned

we learnt a lot

What's next for Third web runner

we are looking to partner with thirdweb to make this a true life project

Built With

  • coinbasecloud
  • ipfs
  • thirdwebcontractkit
  • thirdwebgamingkit
  • unity
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