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Summary of the project and the problem you are solving

A p2p platform that anyone can you use to either get their code audit. Furthermore, the developer fixes the compensation so according to a supply and demand system the equitable prices will always be met. Developers around the world can come and verify code and fill bug reports marking the type of bug they found to earn money. The author only pays for bugs that are found. This way the smart contract author significantly reduces his auditing expenses.

Brief background on the team and how you came up with the idea

Most of us met on Blockchainhack 2017, and we met Alex in the Bus.

We wanted to make something that would be truly useful to the blockchain community, and that would fix major problems yet be interesting to us personally. Every day, developers review the code in their projects. On the other hand, many companies offer auditing solutions (including smart contract auditing), but we decided to develop a platform for smart contract auditing that was built upon the blockchain — CodeScreening. Blockchain gives us many possibilities to deal with this challenge.

We decided that this service can be massively improved thanks to a reputation system, blockchain and smart contracts, so that:

  • Block chain developers would receive additional revenue for work
  • Contractor can find more customer, and for cheaper
  • The system trust is maximized
  • The centralization of power issue will be solved


Name Role Background
Ivanov Pavel Front-end / solidity developer Over 7 years of exp in Front-End Development, ex CoFounder of Leading Online journalism startup, 1-st place IcoLab Hackaton, 2-nd place LAToken hackaton, 3-rd place Blockchainhack 2017
Shevchenko Alexander Full-stack developer Finalist Imagine cup Microsoft Canada 2017, founder of SafeWatch, mainly works with computer vision and image analysis
Kaizer Denis Back-end / solidity developer Developing an trading bot for crypto invest fund, Developing an Asset management platform for crypto market, Master Degree in Math, HSE, 1-st place IcoLab Hackaton, 3-rd place Blockchainhack 2017
Manzyuk Vladimir System/ Business analyst System Analyst with 8 years of experience, ex CoFounder of multi media startup, 2-nd place LAToken hackaton, 3-rd place Blockchainhack 2017

What tool(s) / platform(s) do you use?

Entity Technologies
Smart contract Solidity
Front-end React.js + Redux + Metamask
Back-end Storj API + Mango DB + node.js backend
Blockchain Ethereum

What it does ?

We argued for a long time on an idea. We wanted to make something that would be truly useful to the blockchain community, and that would fix major problems yet be interesting to us personally. We agreed that the auditing of smart contracts would be an interesting idea. The main problem, right now, is that the only people doing this professionally is done by large companies, and because of this the prices are very high and in some cases they don’t even find bugs after accepting a payment.(HKG token for example) What if this could be done not by 10 people but by 1000, or even 10000? What if it ended up costing less and paid normal developers without any middleman? This is where blockchain steps in. It permits us to create a platform to connect those seeking a service with someone who can provide it, without any middleman.

In the process of auditing smart contracts, blockchain fixes the following problems: We do not need to trust in a company, to whom we would transfer money, because now we have a unbiased smart contract. The customer only pays for bugs that are found. We will never again have a situation where someone pays money, the audit provider says there aren’t any bugs, but you wonder if that is really true. Disputes would be mediated by an unbiased party. Random developers that would be interested in the right answer for the problem, because their reputation and money is at stake. Did I mention both sides are guaranteed to be treated fairly.

How we built it

Each of us had an individual role. Pasha wrote the front end and helped Denis with smart contracts. Denis wrote the smart contracts. Alex figured out how to integrate Storj and wrote the back end. Finally, Vladimir designed the logic behind this mechanism, drew sketches and wrote this text.

Challenges we ran into

Loading files between the front end and the backend. The methods in the contract worked properly in remix but not in web3.js. We overcomplicated the distribution of rights in the contracts inside the smart contracts.


Storj Tricks

Infinite attempts

Surpise :)

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

Great interface We managed to finish an mvp Experimented with Storj

What we learned

How to use Storj API

What’s next for third eye ?

The fourth eye. But more seriously, we want to integrate a proper system for arbitrage and develop deeper with the blockchain.

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