What did you do yesterday? Think about how different your day would have been without the ability to see. Sight is so integral to our daily lives and yet, many among us -- 7 million to be exact -- lack the ability to see. Indeed, there is no reason that a cashier should be able to cheat a blind person out of change. There is no reason that someone with mild vision loss should not be able to distinguish between medicines. Now consider the future.

What if a piece of software could tell you exactly what’s in front of you with one simple command? There would be no way that anyone could take advantage of a visually impaired person. Sound impossible?

Now introducing Third Eye, an innovative computer vision system designed for Google Glass. Simply say, “Okay Glass, recognize this” and Third Eye will analyze what’s in front of you and say what it is out loud. Third Eye can recognize almost all objects including money, landmarks, medicines, household objects, and regular text.

Specifically, Third Eye integrates with a computer vision system to perform fast object and pattern recognition. We developed it using the Google Glass Development Kit (GDK) with the visually impaired in mind; a user can interact with the intuitive and easy-to-use interface with just their voice.

Check out the Third Eye website or demo video. Created by Rajat Bhageria, Ben Sandler, and Joe Cappadona--all CS students at UPenn--during the Fall 2014 PennApps. We believe Third Eye will change the world forever. Help us make this vision a reality.

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