Have you ever driven around for 15 minutes or more looking for a parking spot? Gotten lost in the streets, staring confused at a map with no clue as to where to go?

Those issues are now behind us. Third Eye is an advancement in drone technology that assists users in everyday life. Our parking spot finder extension allows you to search any parking lot for a spot without the hassle of driving aimlessly. The map extension uses the drone to give the user real time directions. While the drone is giving directions the 14 megapixel camera is always looking out for construction and ways to improve the route time.

Our modular code allows us to give the drone many capabilities that were once never thought possible. Using facial recognition, we can lock on to, follow, and track the user of the drone for many useful purposes, such as real time information about the surroundings of the drone and user as well as real time video footage for sporting events that track a specific person. We can also take still photos as well as panoramas remotely and autonomously.

The possibilities are endless with Third Eye.

Built With

  • cycript
  • cydiasubstrate
  • drone
  • facebook
  • mobilesubstrate
  • parrot-drone
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