Inspiration and What it Does

Have you ever felt trapped with two hands on the wheel and a million ideas that come up while we are driving? Unleash your brain and keep your hands and eyes on the road! ThirdArm can run in the background while you dictate ideas, content, commands and actions that trigger third party apps, without ever requiring your attention on the screen. All activity is saved for you to trigger actions when ready and nothing is ever lost, because your audio and transcription are both saved.

We are not just Hands Free, we let you offload your brain screen free and trust it will all be saved and ready for you when your hands become available. Audio is both transcribed real time and recorded in an easy to reference way, so you can correct transcription if it ever errors, and train the transcription to be the best ever possible for your voice.

Third party apps can receive actions. You can also save notes for future mailing. The opportunities are endless. Focus on what you need to do, and leave the screen.

ThirdArm can count on affordable monthly subscription and spread virally with discounts for inviting friends to use the app.

How is it different?

Unlike Siri or Alexa, or any other voice assistant that asks you to check entries for immediate action, ThirdArm is not just Hands Free, but also Screen Free! Other transcription software on the market offers back only transcription which may or may not be accurate. For long form content, that leads to major problems and makes entry unfeasible. ThirdArm allows you to trust the system will never lose your notes, because we preserve your audio for immediate reference back to the text that was transcribed. We can train transcription and voice recognition algorithms faster than any competitor because our users correct the transcription for us easily.

How I built it

Built using Unity, ThirdArm runs on iOS and Android, and Windows Phone. The transcription process can be trained our users to be the best on the market with instant feedback and audio to text correlation. We can easily add spacial computing.

What's next for Third Arm

Running it on the drive back home :) The app can become an indispensable partner for millions who spend hours driving, operating machinery, cooking, working out. It allows your brain to be productive when your hands are busy. Would be fun to see how many truckers publish books thanks to ThirdArm :)

Bigger mission

Beyond enabling you to be creative, ThirdArm enables us to get back to a life away from screens. You can have your phone jot down your ideas, but not have to stare at it.

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