Brainstorming can be stressful. Staring at a blank word document, with only the text cursor constantly flashing, it is impossible to think of any ideas. To make this process more enjoyable, we've created "ThinkWithCorg", a website where you can brainstorm with a supportive furry friend.

What it does

The website takes inputted brainstorm ideas and summarizes them on a single page when the user clicks submit. As you brainstorm, the corgi will walk with you and provide support :)

How we built it

We registered the domain name with GoDaddy. We used flask and SQLalchemy to run the site and store user input. The corgi and furniture images were hand-drawn with Adobe Sketch. We completed animations of the corgi and website design with HTML and CSS.

Challenges we ran into

  • Hosting: many issues with how to store and run files on repl
  • We started this project with no prior knowledge of html, css, flask, SQL. Thus, we ran into many roadblocks (missing lines of code, not connecting files properly, using commands incorrectly, etc.)
  • We went through lots of trial and error and were a bit tight on time

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Finally getting a basic understanding of how to design, run, and host a website -Having the cute corgi pace back and forth across our screens

What we learned

  • Basic commands in the languages, frameworks, platforms mentioned below

What's next for ThinkWithCorg

  • Small improvements on the website: option to restart, edit ideas, export ideas for saving
  • Add tools that can help users brainstorm (whiteboards for sketching, checklists for writing design requirements, motivational messages, etc.)
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