Inner peace and self-acceptance are the keys to a happy and prosperous life.

We created ThinkUp pursuing a life dream: helping people release their insecurities and be happier. ThinkUp app trains people to change their mindsets to focus on the positive, and to raise awareness of the impact that thoughts have.

ThinkUp gives you tools to develop the mindset you need to succeed, so your mind works for you. We present popular and effective techniques, such as positive affirmations, gratitude, and calming music, on a WHOLE NEW LEVEL - personalized, inspiring, from the PROS.

Build a personalized self-help program and develop a new mindset:

  • Select affirmations that serve you best, and Record in YOUR OWN VOICE
  • Choose Music that will INSPIRE you and touch your soul
  • Set reminders to EMPOWER yourself daily
  • For professionals, help your clients by optimizing their affirmations.

All this in an iPhone app that utilizes everything technology has to offer; social and user-based content creation (suggest your personal affirmations and follow other contributors on Twitter), and a simple user experience that inspires.

This is only the beginning. We believe that personalized self-help programs have enormous potential. Future innovations for ThinkUp include:

  • The ability to assess your current mindset (using questionnaires) and then suggest optimal affirmations based on profiles and learning models.
  • The use of audio filters to increase the impact of the personal voice.

ThinkUp was created with our personal funds, skills, and many friends’ help.
We’re grateful for this challenge and for the opportunity to release ThinkUp’s first version to the world.

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